• okt 24

    Entrepreneurs for everyone

    A study conducted by Flanders DC in collaboration with Vlerick demonstrated that the image of entrepreneurs is far from positive in Flanders. Even though the entrepreneurs give a lot back to their local environment... Read more
  • okt 20

    YOUCA Action Day

    The 12th edition of the YOUCA Action Day (formerly Zuiddag) took place on Thursday 19th October. On this day teenagers are allowed to miss school (just once) and try out the world of work instead... Read more
  • sep 22

    BOSS paints wins a Business Mobility Award

    Our mobility often goes hand-in-hand with lost time, huge expenses and road traffic accidents. However, BOSS paints is stepping it up a gear in terms of sustainable and safe travel between home and work, and was thus declared the winner of the Business Mobility Award greener vehicles for our fleet . This award was presented in the Flemish Parliament by minister Ben Weyts... Read more
  • sep 19

    Strong Stories

    Raf Stevens visits people with a story to find out how they use their story to inspire, to lead and to create something bigger? What does authenticity mean to them? Where does their vulnerability end and their strength begin? Raf also spoke to our CEO Toon Bossuyt... Read more
  • sep 14

    BOSS paints is creating a greener future with Puro!

    At BOSS paints we have been reducing our ecological footprint for some time now. We are investing in solar panels and electric bikes and we’ve appointed an environmental coach for the company. But sometimes the difference is made in the little things such as a cup of coffee... Read more
  • jun 14

    BOSS paints signs SDG charter with Vyncke

    On the 14th of June, Queen Mathilde visited the company Vyncke in Harelbeke, alongside 12 entrepreneurs (including Toon Bossuyt from BOSS paints). The topic for discussion was sustainability... Read more
  • apr 12

    paintings in 'Het Museetje' (small museum) at Café Vlissinghe in Bruges

    An initiative of the Internationale Broederschap ‘Het Gulden Vlies’ (International Brotherhood of the Golden Fleece) has created a collaboration between the city of Bruges, the Bruges Heritage Conservation department, West-Flanders Immovable Heritage, Café Vlissinghe, KTA Brugge secondary school and BOSS paints (Colora). Read more