How do you apply for a job?

How to apply?

Send us your motivation letter and CV

Is your favourite BOSS paints vacancy just perfect for you? Find out now. Send us your motivation letter and CV using the online form . We will screen your application and examine whether you are suitable for the job. We will get back to you within two weeks.

First interview

During the exploratory interview with one of the HR staff, you will talk about your employment history, motivation and skills. And you will find out about our company culture.

Invited for a second interview

You will meet your manager, discuss the job in detail and see whether everything clicks for you. You will be given the chance to ask questions. And you will discover whether your expectations match ours.

Through to the third round

You will explain your skills and complete a number of psychotechnical questionnaires. You will also demonstrate your abilities in a simulated work situation, via role-plays, or at an assessment day – depending on the job for which you are applying.

Congratulations! The job is yours

You will discuss your contract, determine your start date and run through the practical side of the job. You will begin to count down until your first day in the job ... go!