Five reasons to work at BOSS paints

1. Family business investing in people

BOSS paints has been a stable and loyal employer for three generations now. This is because our family business has a long-term vision. And we keep on investing in our operations and our people. Even when times are tough financially. What is more, the Bossuyt family maintains a visible presence on the shop floor.

2. Growth company where you can make a difference

BOSS paints is a family business with ambition. We are growing strongly, continuously enhancing our services and opening new stores with clock-like regularity – in the Netherlands, too. This offers you the chance to grow with us and also to benefit from the best of both worlds: a thriving professional environment in which personal contact is paramount.

3. Healthy work-life balance

Flexibility is a knife that cuts both ways. You will, of course, have to work hard at BOSS paints, but other things are also important besides work. Are you willing to go the extra mile, if necessary? If so, you will be given more time for your family whenever you need it. We will also help you organise your household: with an established clothes ironing service and with childcare during the summer months.

4. Commitment to sustainability, people and the environment

Sustainability is not an empty slogan at BOSS paints. It is central to everything we do. It has been so for years. For example, we invested in solar energy long before it became fashionable to do so. And we are now one of the first companies in Belgium to have hired an environment coach. A coach makes you more conscious of the environment in every area of life: from the tyre pressure on your car to energy saving in your home.

5. Open, transparent company culture

BOSS paints also adopts a sustainable attitude towards its staff. This is evident in our open and transparent company culture. You will work with your colleagues as a team in an open-plan office, consult often and be a zealous advocate of decisions that have universal support. Twice a year, you will also have the chance to put any questions you may have directly to our CEO, Toon Bossuyt. He will then share and explain the company's results and strategy.