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  • mrt 25

    New Advisory Board Chairperson

    From 16th May 2018, Hilde Haems (Chief Human Resources Officer at SD Workx) will become the new chairperson of the Advisory Board at BOSS paints. She will follow in the footsteps of Lieve Bossuyt who was chairperson for 6 years and a director for 14 years. In addition to a broad experience in business and extensive expertise in HR, Hilde has the gift of being able to match people to ideas, and as a director she manages to find a healthy balance between supporting and challenging the board of directors and the CEO in particular.
  • mrt 14

    BOSS paints showroom new opening times

    You can get daily inspiration from our BOSS paints showroom, which is open every weekday from 8.30 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 5 pm (4 pm on Fridays). You also have the option of a guided visit if preferred. Guided visits are by appointment only and take place on Thursday afternoons (1 pm to 5 pm) or on Friday mornings (from 8.30 am until 12 pm). Please call 056 738 200 for an appointment.

  • jan 16

    Electric charging stations in BOSS paints

    From today, when you visit BOSS paints in Waregem, you’ll be able to charge your electric vehicle using one of our two double-point electric charging stations, which have been fitted with Mennekes sockets. These charging stations were installed by PowerDale, so you can top up your car with BOSS paint’s green electricity through your Plugsurfing account. If you don’t yet have a Plugsurfing account, you will still be able to re-charge your car through the Bancontact app (by making a QR-code payment).

    A double-point electric charging station with Mennekes sockets is also available at our depot in Kontich.

  • jan 4

    New tank farm in the production department at BOSS

    The obsolete tank farm in the production department has been subjected to intense scrutiny in collaboration with CGK at Gullegem in West Flanders.

    A tank farm is more than just a set of storage tanks grouped together. It also includes the pipework to convey the product, pumps to draw the product from the tanks and subsequently convey it to the take-off points, a filter system, flow meters, a system and controls for all manner of cocks and valves, electrical enclosures and a vast array of wiring to make it happen. The project took a couple of years and provided nothing but benefits on completion: greater safety, user-friendly control panels, accurate metering, increased storage capacity and reduced likelihood of errors due to a direct link with our production orders from the AX computer program.

    New tank farm in the production department at BOSS
  • okt 23

    Entrepreneurs for everyone

    A study conducted by Flanders DC in collaboration with Vlerick demonstrated that the image of entrepreneurs is far from positive in Flanders. Even though the entrepreneurs give a lot back to their local environment (i.e. by innovating, training, providing employment opportunities, supporting charities, promoting scientific development, encouraging sustainability etc.)

    That is why Flanders DC and their partners want to tell people in Flanders about the stories behind the entrepreneurs, their motivations and their passions, and their impact on society. They aren’t just acting in their own interests, ultimately they benefit everyone. Our CEO has also contributed to this campaign #ondernemersvooriedereen. Entrepreneurs for everyone

  • okt 19

    YOUCA Action Day

    The 12th edition of the YOUCA Action Day (formerly Zuiddag) took place on Thursday 19th October. On this day teenagers are allowed to miss school (just once) and try out the world of work instead. Pupils work in a company for a whole day to earn 50 Euros, which all goes to Youca to support youth projects at home and in the South (this year El Salvador). At BOSS paints we were happy to accept 12 pupils who had the opportunity to work as an environment coach, kitchen staff, production staff or even fulfil the role of CEO. Click below for more info about Youca. YOUCA
  • sep 21

    BOSS paints wins a Business Mobility Award

    Our mobility often goes hand-in-hand with lost time, huge expenses and road traffic accidents. However, BOSS paints is stepping it up a gear in terms of sustainable and safe travel between home and work, and was thus declared the winner of the Business Mobility Award greener vehicles for our fleet . This award was presented in the Flemish Parliament by minister Ben Weyts on the 21st of September. The judges were full of praise for our incentivising bike policy and the steps we are taking with regard the use of electric and CNG vehicles. Please contact Els Heynssens to find out more.
  • sep 18

    Strong Stories

    Raf Stevens visits people with a story to find out how they use their story to inspire, to lead and to create something bigger? What does authenticity mean to them? Where does their vulnerability end and their strength begin? What started out as a personal quest for Raf to connect with other people’s lives, grew into this series of interviews. The podcasts are intended to be a source of inspiration for people who really want to use their personal story to make a difference. Raf also spoke to our CEO Toon Bossuyt. Click on the link below to listen to the podcast. Podcast Raf Stevens - Toon Bossuyt
  • sep 13

    BOSS paints is creating a greener future with Puro!

    At BOSS paints we have been reducing our ecological footprint for some time now. We are investing in solar panels and electric bikes and we’ve appointed an environmental coach for the company. But sometimes the difference is made in the little things… such as a cup of coffee. Every packet of Puro coffee contributes to the protection of the rainforest and pays the coffee farmers an honest wage. For more info please ask our facility manager, Johan Hoste Puro Impact