Pioneering products and innovative technologies? Revolutionary paint systems and inspiring colour collections. BOSS paints keeps on innovating. Discover our very latest launches:

Interior Mat Spray

Muren en plafonds snel afwerken met een ultrastrak resultaat?

Kies dan voor Interior Mat Spray. Deze innovatieve, ultramatte spuitverf werd speciaal met professionele schilders ontwikkeld voor residentieel schilderwerk op binnenmuren en plafonds.

5 troeven op een rij:
- éénpotsysteem (primer en afwerklaag)
- nevelarm te verspuiten
- doorspuiten op muren en plafonds
- ultramat en strak eindresultaat
- spuitklaar met hoog standvermogen

Waarom verspuiten met Interior Mat Spray?

Interior Mat Spray is een 1-potsysteem! Je gebruikt de verf zonder moeite als grondlaag en eindlaag tegelijk. Ze kan ook zowel op plafonds als muren doorgespoten worden. Zo haal je dus makkelijk extra rendement. De verf werd specifiek ontwikkeld met het oog op een kwalitatief strak spuitbeeld. In het eindresultaat zie je geen wolking, spuitbanen of glansverschillen. Bovendien kun je werken in een residentiële omgeving gezien je met Interior Mat Spray nevelarm kunt werken.

BOSS paints ontwikkelde de verf op maat, uitsluitend om te verspuiten. Een echt topproduct voor de professionele schilder.

Dry-Out, impressive damp-prevention

Damp walls caused by rising damp are the enemy of every professional tradesman. But there’s nothing you can do about it, right? You’ll change your mind once you’ve tried Dry-Out. And the Scientific and Technical Construction Centre (WTCB) agrees. It recently awarded Dry-Out a certificate for the best product on the market: A+ A+ A. This environmentally friendly injection cream forms a chemical barrier in the wall that prevents rising damp. Dry-Out is available in 310 ml silicone containers and in 5L jerrycans with an inclusive pump system for large surface areas.

Rainblock Gel prevents rainwater from penetrating building façades

Would you like to make your façade water-repellent to prevent contamination and moss? Would you like to protect a façade from frost damage following insulation? Would you like to increase a wall’s insulation level? Rainblock Gel is a colourless hydrophobic impregnation cream for mineral substrates.
The gel penetrates deep into the pores of the stone to form a water-repellent barrier. This barrier is not water permeable, but it is vapour permeable. The cream-like substance is quick and easy to apply in 1 layer with a brush, roller or sprayer. During application, the milky colour makes it easy to see which areas have already been treated. Once it has dried, the façade will retain its original appearance. Any materials used can be washed out with water immediately after use. Rainblock gel comes in 1 litre, 2.5 litre and 10 litre containers.


How do you transform a home into a warm, natural and cosy space? With Claystuc, a new decorative stucco technique based on clay and mineral fillers. The clay minerals in Claystuc absorb and lock in the moisture, helping create a pleasant indoor climate. But Claystuc also plays on the senses. The gentle contours and natural colours make any home feel cosy and a pleasant and calm place to relax in. Immerse yourself in the Claystuc experience and discover everything about this matt finish for interior walls. Try it out today and be amazed by this technique that withstands dirt and scratches better than traditional clay or loam plasters. Claystuc is available in pack sizes of 5 and 20 kilograms.

Hydrofix Gel

Transparent fixatives all have almost the same properties, namely that they are very thin liquids. Hydrofix Gel is the exception. Although the product has excellent fixing properties, it can be used easily, without splashes. So it’s ideal for fixing old lime plaster or powdery layers of paint. But it’s also a great transparent and matt solution for fixing bare bricks or concrete and ensuring they are dust-free. It can be applied using a roller, brush or an airless/aircoat spray gun.

Persisto Matt Hydro

Persisto Satin Hydro, the water-based, scratch-resistant lacquer with a satin finish now has a little brother: Persisto Matt Hydro.

As the name suggests, this is the matt version of our hard lacquer. It’s level of scratch and skin-oil resistance is the same as the satin-finish version but its areas of application are slightly more limited because matt lacquers are easier to polish than a satin -finish. For example, on kitchen cupboards and push-catch cupboards our preference would still be for Persisto Satin Hydro.

Durosatin, new formula

Stairs and wooden floors have to withstand a lot. So, you need to use a top coat that can take a knock or two… and one that you can walk on again quickly: Durosatin.

This solvent-based, scratch-resistant lacquer has had a recent upgrade. The new format has even better flow for a smoother end result.

And it’s still just as easy to use and as fast-drying as before.

Hybride Wall PU

Hybrid Wall PU: for anyone who wants the finish and quality of a matt lacquer on their walls. In fact, Hybrid Wall PU is no standard wall paint, but an easy-maintenance lacquer paint that gives you a very smooth finish. It has excellent flow and minimal roller structure. Consequently, it’s a great “all-through paint”, so you can paint your walls, doors, skirting boards etc. all in the same paint with the same shine and in the same colour of course. Making your job much easier with less masking and less left-over paint. Furthermore, lacquered walls are extremely easy to maintain. So, it’s ideal for living-rooms and bedrooms but equally suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. In short: when only the best is good enough!

Stucco Puro

The new Stucco Puro decorative wall finish fits perfectly with the traditional line of Italian stucco techniques used to create the effect of a smooth marble wall. This type of shiny plaster is still very popular today and has time and again demonstrated its timeless class. The technique is suited to both a minimalistic home with concrete or stainless steel finishes, and a rustic setting with wood, leather and linen. Stucco Puro is available in an extensive colour palette.

Discover our new wall coverings

Over the past few years, BOSS paints has delved deeper into the technology of wall coverings. As a paint specialist, we are well placed to understand that the quality and type of wall covering that is used is crucial for the final result of the painted walls. Research indicated that the qualities of standard wall coverings today were not adequate. BOSS paints therefore decided to work with a wall covering specialist in order to develop a unique and exclusive range of wall-coverings. Close interaction with the manufacturer of wall coverings has resulted in a high product quality. We can, without blushing, call our new range of wall coverings, made of plain cellulose/polyester and of fibreglass and structured glass fibre, the best in the world.