Sustainability report

Sustainability report

The first sentence of our mission is “Paint is our passion, a passion with which we want to make your living environment better looking.” That is the essence of our company in one. All our people focus their passion on making a good-looking world. Passion is our mainspring, our reason for existing as a business; and the reason why we invest our time and even our lives in it. From that fundamental commitment, we are pleased to present you with this first BOSS paints sustainability report. The basis? The guidelines of the GRI, the Global Reporting Initiative, version 3.1. That alone is your sure guarantee that this report contains all the crucial elements.

Who is BOSS?

The company is vertically structured: we ourselves control the development, production, stocking and distribution of our paints. The family business BOSS paints has grown strongly over the years. It now numbers 19 shareholders: the grandchildren of Antoon Bossuyt. The corporate General Meeting appoints the members of the Advisory Board, who in turn fulfil their administrative mandates. Every year, BOSS paints also supports several structural partners; this helps us interpret our values of Man and Environment (see below) sustainably.

Our values

We translate our mission, that of combining a healthy return with great respect for man and environment, into practice based on a number of specific projects. Every year we invest between 4 and 8% of our profit in different projects. On the one hand for our employees, ranging from free fruit on the shop floor, through an ironing service to bike servicing, while on the other, we collaborate with several structural partners.