Advisory Board

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board was set up at BOSS in 2001, originally having as its main priority guiding the succession of the management properly from the 2nd to the 3rd generation. That generation change is now a fair time behind us and the desired focus of the Advisory Board has now shifted to, among others, a role of advising and challenging the Management Committee in the area of policy and strategy; monitoring operating results and a control function at the financial level; ensuring reliable, clear reporting to the shareholders. In addition, the Board also has some HRM responsibilities: recruitment, dismissal, evaluation and remuneration of directors, but also of family members working within BOSS.


The Advisory Board at BOSS is composed of 3 family directors: Jan Bossuyt (former Managing Director), Toon Bossuyt (current Managing Director) and Lieve Bossuyt (chair of the Advisory Board and Family Officer) and three external members, non-family directors: Mark Vandecruys (owner and executive chairperson of Fedrus International and Koiba lc), Hilde Haems (Chief HR Officer sdworx) and Dirk Depoorter (Managing Director Spar).

Lieve Bossuyt succeeded her Uncle Jan as chair of the Advisory Board in June 2012.

Paul, Ivo, Joris, Koen, Ward and Klaas Bossuyt are also still invited along as Familiant-Experts; they attend ad hoc agenda items and provide extra input gained from their role and experience within the company. We also have a Learning Board, designed to familiarise the family members with the role of director and wtih how an Advisory Board operates. Jan Doise is also still invited along within this framework. Sometimes the executives are invited onto the Advisory Board for agenda items that they are closely involved in.