Sponsorship and partners

Sponsorship policy with structural partners

BOSS paints is passionate about people and the environment. That is why we invest in society. Via a number of structural partnerships with organisations or projects that consider the same values important.

The projects we are backing this year include:


'formerly known as Zuiddag'

From now on Youca is the new name of Zuiddag (Day of South). Youca stands for YOUth for Change and Action. After 10 years, the name has changed because Zuiddag is much more than one day ... It's a youth organization that creates several activities during a school year for the South and the North. Youca is an organisation for and by youth that stimulates them to take up social engagement and tries to unite them to work for a more just and sustainable world. www.youca.be


Natuurpunt is the main association for nature conservation and protection of the landscape in Flanders. Natuurpunt purchases and manages nature conservation areas, conducts nature studies, lobbies to change policies and allows as many people as possible to enjoy nature. Via walks, courses and other nature activities. Care for people, nature and the social environment is at the heart of its work. www.natuurpunt.be

Youth at risk

YAR Flanders gives a second chance to young people aged between 15 and 21 who have a juvenile record. The YAR scheme teaches them to make conscious choices and to assume responsibility for their own lives. The first step on the road to a future in which they take control. www.yarvlaanderen.be

Bond zonder naam

For more than 50 years “Bond zonder Naam” has been reinforcing the best in people. Mottos are their calling card. Every year they send out about 8 million in Flanders, reaching one in six Flems. In addition, Bond zonder Naam is also active in numerous other domains such as combating poverty, social isolation, equal opportunities, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, inter-cultural dialogue and sense of purpose. With its projects and campaigns Bond zonder Naam aims, on a daily basis, to make a positive social difference to many. www.bzn.be


Victor is a non-profit association that offers mobile educational support to persons with autism and their families from the province of West Flanders. The name Victor alludes to the Latin term meaning “conqueror”. BOSS paints seeks to form a winning team with vzw Victor and to emphasize the possibility of giving autism a place in society. www.vzwvictor.be